Building a Better Biking Experience

Here at Boogie Bikes, we do away with the clunky and inconvenient. We believe that stylish, functional, and intuitive bicycle products can exist. Our customers work hard every day and we work tirelessly finding ways to alleviate the pain caused by inconveniences on their daily commute. We did it first with the LightLock; making a thief’s life harder and creating peace of mind for the rider on and off their bike. It’s that peace of mind which motivates us. Reducing friction in your daily commute is just the beginning; stay tuned. Live the boogie lifestyle.

Our next product, The LightLock, is an innovative bike lock that will launch on Kickstarter in early, 2018. We are crafting a secure, functional lock that infuses style and a combination of functions to an otherwise drab and uninspired bike accessories market. Sign up below for our Kickstarter email list and we will let you know when we launch!

Alex reinhart

Head of Operations


Siobhan mead

Head of Design


Thomas Blase

Head of Marketing


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